Ministries & Activities

to Utilize Your Creativity

Art & Environment

Sharon Simpson

(612) 868-4050

Fr. Jeff Burton

(219) 464-4831

These are the "Church Decorators." Our ministry is to enhance the worship and prayer spaces of Saint Paul to come alive throughout the various seasons of the Church.

Plant Care
Garden Club

Ken Jankowski

(219) 462-0900

This group of dedicated men and women help maintain the church grounds, caring for flowerbeds, trimming hedges and other horticultural activities.

St. Joe Group

Mike Finley

(219) 405-7022

This group is a ministry of service to others. Men, women and children participate in various community projects, like "Building Together," and also organize an annual service-learning trip to Morehead, Ky., where they build wheelchair ramps and help those in need.

Mosaic Magazine

Dee Gruszka

(219) 395-4957

Mosaic Magazine and Mosaico celebrate the living mosaic of the Saint Paul Catholic Community. Published three times each year, help is needed writing stories about our ministries and proofreading.

International Flags
International Dinner

Madonna Thelen

(219) 464-9534

This group hosts the annual "Taste of Saint Paul" potluck dinner, featuring food and drink from all the countries of origin of our diverse parish family.

Funeral Luncheons

Peggy Manago

(219) 477-3935

A beautiful tradition in the Saint Paul Catholic Community is providing free luncheons to our family members following a funeral. A core team arranges for the main dishes, while volunteers are phoned to bring sides, salads and desserts. Donations are always welcome.

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