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The Young Church in Ministry


Any boy or girl in the 4th grade or older is invited to this ministry of service at the altar of the Lord. Training sessions are scheduled throughout the year for new servers.

Virginia Tomac


(219) 465-3992

Altar Servers

Leaders and assistants in middle school, high school and beyond are trained to help our young disciples - age 3 through grade 3 - to experience the Word of God in an interactive setting during Mass.

Greg Burnison (Saturday)


(219) 241-7401

Pablo Bukata (Sunday)


(219) 531-4674

Children's Liturgy

Eucharistic Ministers assist the priests and deacons in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass. This ministry is open to all Catholics who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation and are registered parishioners. Ministers are placed on a rotating schedule.

Diane Matthys


(219) 921-6120

Eucharistic Ministers

Liturgy managers serve as sacristans at the weekend liturgies, preparing vessels and ensuring that ministers are in place. This ministry is open to couples and teams who work on a rotating schedule. This ministry is open to all Catholics who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation and are registered parishioners.Families are invited to participate together, as well.

Theresa Biggs 



Liturgy Managers

Greeters assist in welcoming parishioners and worshipers to Mass on the weekends and Holy Days. They are the ambassadors to the parish and serve on a rotating basis. This ministry is open to families and couples, as well as individuals.

Virginia Tomac


(219) 465-3992

Senior Men Playing Chess

Located on the Saint Paul Catholic Community campus, the St. Agnes Center provides daytime care for seniors living with Alzheimer's and dementia. Volunteers of all ages help provide a positive program of social, recreational and health activities. For more information, click here.

Barb Kubiszak, director


(219) 477-5433

St. Agnes Center

Lectors proclaim the readings at Saturday, Sunday and Holy Day Masses at Saint Paul. This ministry is open to all Catholics, high school-age and older. Ministers serve on a rotating schedule.

Gary & Donna Gray


(219) 464-7788


Music is the universal language that speaks to the soul. For more information on our many music ministry opportunities, click here.

Dr. Stephen Schnurr


(219) 531-0922

Mark Chargaulaf (Life Teen)

(219) 771-7934

Music Ministry

Ushers welcome and assist parishioners at all Masses. Men and women high school-age and older are invited.

Hubert Hoffman


(219) 464-4792

Barry Kiernan

(219) 462-7349


LIFE Teen is a movement within the Catholic Church leading teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. At Saint Paul, LIFE Teen meets every Sunday for the 5:30 p.m. Mass, usually followed by a LIFE Night, ending at 8:30. Any teenager currently in high school is welcome to join. Adults who enjoy ministering to teens are welcome to be part of the CORE Team.

Matt Pysh


(219) 465-7762

Life Teen

EDGE is a nationally recognized Catholic middle school youth ministry program. At Saint Paul, our EDGE program is tailored to meet the educational, spiritual, emotional and social needs of early adolescents in grades six, seven and eight. Through enriching spiritual experiences, amazing service projects and fun-filled social gatherings, EDGE strives to enrich Catholic youth and draw them closer to Jesus.

Cathie Dull


(219) 508-5606

Raising Hands

Together, we partner with parents to help children grow in faith. We invite any Catholic who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation to consider volunteering your time as a catechist, click here.

Diane Matthys, director


(219) 464-8502

Religious Education