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Ministry & Activities

"Behind the Scenes"


These are the "Church Decorators." Our ministry is to enhance the worship and prayer spaces of Saint Paul to come alive throughout the various seasons of the Church.

Sharon Simpson


(612) 868-4050

Fr. Jeff Burton


(219) 464-4831

Art & Environment
Go Team

Pastoral Council members serve in helping the pastor know the pulse of the parish and serve as a visioning body. Members are selected by lot after a discernment process and serve for a three-year term.

Kristi Kittle, Chairperson

Pastoral Council

The Finance Council assists in reviewing the status of all parish financial reports and budgets. Council members are selected, per canon law, by the pastor. If you have specialized knowledge in the area of accounting or financial experience, please let the pastor know.

Fr. Doug Mayer


(219) 464-4831

Finance Council

Mosaic Magazine and Mosaico celebrate the living mosaic of the Saint Paul Catholic Community. Published three times each year, help is needed writing stories about our ministries and proofreading.

Dee Gruszka


(219) 395-4957

Mosaic Magazine
International Flags

This group hosts the annual "Taste of Saint Paul" potluck dinner, featuring food and drink from all the countries of origin of our diverse parish family.

Madonna Thelen


(219) 464-9534

International Dinner
Variety of Coins

Teams of parishioners work together to record donations received in Church envelopes. Teams count on Sunday mornings and Monday mornings, rotating on a schedule.

Sue Hasier


(219) 462-4158

Money Counters
Plant Care

This group of dedicated men and women help maintain the church grounds, caring for flowerbeds, trimming hedges and other horticultural activities.

Ken Jankowski


(219) 462-0900

Garden Club

This group helps empower men and women of the parish to consider priesthood and religious life as a positive path for their future. They sponsor the Vocation Cross ministry at the 8 and 10 a.m. Masses. Families are always welcome to join in their prayerful support of our seminarians.

Jo Anne Rosenow


(219) 707-0881

Vocations Ministry
Rings on Hands

Married couples at Saint Paul form teams to help engaged couples better explore marriage. They discuss heritage, communication, finances, family issues and spirituality, all as they relate to married life.

Joanne White


(219) 477-7880

Marriage Preparation

The members of this ministry are parishioners with an interest in maintaining and improving the parish campus, its buildings and grounds. Construction and maintenance skills are appreciated.

Len Jozwiak


(219) 465-7476

Building & Grounds
Christian Booklet

This group organizes the annual Ministry Fair and focuses on helping our Saint Paul Catholic Community better understand that all our gifts come from God.

Jenifer Schreiner


Stewardship Committee

Members of this ministry help the Vicar for Hispanic Ministry in developing a vision for the community.

Norma Torres


(219) 464-4831

Hispanic Ministry Core Team